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Press Release
September 5, 2003

Carcross Summit: “Destination Carcross” Announced
by Carcross/Tagish First Nation and White Pass & Yukon Route

On August 1, 2003, the Carcross/Tagish First Nation (CTFN) and the White Pass & Yukon Route (WP&YR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together on common goals in their efforts to see a more prosperous tourism and business community in the Carcross area.

As outlined in the MOU, the two parties agreed to co-host a summit in the Fall of 2003. The Carcross Summit: “Destination Carcross” will be held on October 24, 2003 at Mt. McIntyre Rec. Centre in Whitehorse. The purpose of the Summit is to develop a collective vision for sustainable tourism in the Carcross area and to secure a commitment to action from all stakeholders to make that vision a reality. More information and on-line registration is available on the web site at: wpyr.com/carcross. Links are also available from www.ctfn.ca.

WP&YR and CTFN are inviting all interested stakeholders to join them in this working session to address business development opportunities with an agenda that will include visioning, identification of problems and opportunities and action planning.

The CTFN is the driving force behind the development of the Four Mountains Resort and Cultural Centre, the cornerstone to the First Nation’s economic agenda. This four-star 120 room hotel and cultural/learning centre will deliver a high end destination tourism product that will act as a starting point to adventures on the land and water and to interactive learning experiences of the First Nation culture and heritage.

The WP&YR narrow gauge railway was built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush and is an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark – a designation shared with the Panama Canal, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. The WP& YR railroad has also carried more than 300,000 passengers per year in its last 3 years making it Alaska’s most popular shore excursion. The railroad has set numerous one-day records this year and expects to carry 30,000 more people in 2003 than it did in 2002.

For more information on the Carcross Summit contact:

Janet Lee
Project Manager, Four Mountains Resort
Carcross/Tagish First Nation

Michael Brandt
Assistant Vice President – Marketing & Planning
White Pass & Yukon Route