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Chilkoot Hiker Service

The Chilkoot Trail has sustained flood damage on the US side and is closed to through-hiking for 2024. Day hikes and overnight hiking on the Canadian side are permitted from Bennett and require advance permit reservations through Parks Canada.

Experience both of the famous Gold Rush trails! Every year 3,000 hikers recreate this great trip by hiking the Chilkoot Trail.

As  you board the train, you can reward yourself with a boxed lunch while taking in the sights along the rail line on your way to Skagway or Carcross. Boxed lunches are $22 per person and should be pre-purchased at the time of booking space aboard the train.

After your accomplishment over the famed Chilkoot Trail it’s a real treat to see the splendor of the historic White Pass Trail from the comfort of our train.

Select the Chilkoot Trail Hiker Service option below to book your train trip.

Bennett to Whitehorse (Train/Bus)

Bennett to Fraser

Bennett to Skagway via Carcross (Train/Bus)

Bennett to Skagway

Bennett to Carcross
Carcross to Bennett