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The Port of Skagway, Alaska is currently the number three cruise port in the State of Alaska. This ranking is by number of cruise ship passengers and Skagway is currently third behind the Alaskan ports of Juneau and Ketchikan.  During the 2017 summer season 842,000 cruise ship passengers arrived in Skagway.  White Pass presently owns and operates three deep-water docks capable of handling large vessel traffic: the Railroad Dock, the Broadway Dock, and the Ore Dock.

The Railroad Dock can accommodate two large cruise vessels and does so approximately five to six times a week during the summer season. Total berthing length at this pier is over 2000 feet. A floating component at the south end of the dock allows for berthing of longer vessels. The railroad dock has on dock rail service which greatly enhances the ease and efficiency for rail shore excursions.

The Broadway dock is centrally located within the Skagway waterfront and is great complement for passenger operations and shore excursion activities. Rail service to the Broadway dock begins at the immediate end of the dock where passengers can easily board the train.

The Ore dock was originally designed for bulk carriers in the ore concentrate trade. After the decline of the mineral trade in the early 1980s coupled with the expansion of the Alaska visitor market the Ore dock was modified to serve as a cruise ship dock.

The Port of Skagway has grown over the past three decades into one of the premier cruise destinations in Alaska. The summer cruise season covers May through September each year. The port is ice-free year round and capable of operating as a cargo facility. The White Pass Railroad has upland staging areas and is open to the prospect of cargo vessel operations. Vessel agent and stevedoring services are available through Southeast Stevedoring Corporation located in Ketchikan, Alaska.