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January 16, 2007

P9150417Gary C. Danielson, President of White Pass & Yukon Route, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ed Hanousek as Superintendent of Rail Operations.

Ed first joined the White Pass team in 1971 and rejoined the company as Roadmaster in 1994. He has been responsible for all maintenance of way activities and environmental remediation, along with being responsible for the rebuilding and upgrading of our roadbed, bridges and buildings to the excellent condition they are in now.

In his new position, Ed will continue to oversee all maintenance of way activity and assume responsibility for all shops and mechanical operations as well as that of rail operations, crew and safety issues. Ed will continue to report directly to the President of the company.

We are confident that Ed will meet and exceed the challenges. He has the experience necessary to not only assume the responsibilities of the position, but build on the past and strengthen our operations into the future.

On a personal and historical note, Ed is a second generation White Passer, and now holds the same position his father, Ed Hanousek Sr. held when he retired many years ago.

“Please join with me in congratulating Ed on his new position!”
— Gary C. Danielson

White Pass & Yukon Route is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tri-White Corporation based in Toronto, Ontario. The Tri-White Corporation is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange as TWH.