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Artist Rendering by J. Craig Thorpe. photo

The WP&YR commissioned artist J. Craig Thorpe (JCT) ( to interpret the Destination Carcross vision. Thorpe's artwork is used to visualize, promote and celebrate -- and has been featured on the past 4 WP&YR calendars.

J. Craig Thorpe also serves architects, designers, developers, real estate agents and planners by providing architectural renderings of proposed projects.

Mr. Thorpe is also often asked to speak on the themes of railroads and art, and their relationship to landscape and community preservation.

"J. Craig Thorpe's ability to listen to clients and put their vision into an artist's concept is key.."

"Your ability to put into one painting the understanding of the past, the needs of the present and the vision for the future is phenomenal. Thank you for the vision and encouragement you have given the Society."

J. Craig Thorpe's art symbolizes "landscapes of expectation" and is an invitation to engage stakeholders and interested parties in discussion. The artwork proposes an interpretive site for the S.S. Tutshi -- a building that looks like the vessel. The artwork further suggests the interpretation of WP&YR's "Container Route" era and provides buildings and tents as venues for other potential displays and demonstrations.

This artwork is his interpretation of what "could be" -- the product of a collaborative effort. The WP&YR offers up this artwork towards the development of "Destination Carcross" without any expectations, commitment or obligation.