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Photo Contest Winners

Best Landscapes

Picture Perfect, White Pass Alaska – Hui Lin Lim

Mountain Side Wildflowers – Dianna Johnson

Into the Mountain – Chris Lammert

Best diesel

Train 52 Arriving in Skagway Junction – Christian Latham

Our Train – Thomas Wortman

Fraser Bound – Andrew Watts

Best Bennett/Carcross

White Pass Work Extra South at Carcross – Christian Latham

Bennett Scenery – Bob McGuire

God Smiling over St. Andrews – Todd Schefstad

Best staff

All in a Days Work – Christian Latham

Breaksman – Florin Marinescu

Time to Hook Up – Andrew Watts

Honorable mention

Shadow of the Valley – Chris Lammert

WP&YR Original Bridge – Gary Hobday

What a Great Job – Andrew Watts