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WP&YR Rotary Guests,

Please accept this sincere “thank you” for your participation in the 2011 White Pass & Yukon Route Rotary Event! We share with you a well-deserved sense of accomplishment at having delivered such an important & historic milestone for White Pass.

Each of you played a significant role in creating a safe, successful, and memorable event. Your enthusiasm, flexibility and dedication to immersing yourselves in the whole experience was greatly appreciated by the WP&YR staff.

We look forward to seeing more of your photos, videos, and artwork celebrating this historic event. And of course we welcome and value any feedback about your experience and what we can do better for future events.

Again, please accept this sincere “thank you.”



E.C. Hanousek
Superintendent of Rail Operations

CBC Media Coverage:

Watch the coverage done by the local CBC.

2011 WP&YR Rotary Crew List

Rotary Consist
Passenger Train
1 David Hunz Engineer #1
2 Jim Hamilton Engineer #73
3 John Westfall Engineer #69
4 Jeremy Simmons Fireman #1
5 Brian Lafont Fireman #73
6 Matt Taylor Fireman #69
7 John McDermott Pilot #1
8 John Briner Conductor
9 John Thomas Conductor
10 Cliff Fletcher Engineer
11 Craig Cline Conductor
12 David Dobbs Brakeman
13 Dave Sorrell Mechanical Department
14 Wayland Ferreira Mechanical Department
15 Pete Griffard Hostler
16 Tom Reeder Hostler
17 Larry Sullivan Retired Fireman
18 Alvin Gordon Retired Pilot
19 Mike O’Daniel Retired WP&YR
20 Tom Mason Retired WP&YR
21 Carl Mulvihill Retired WP&YR / Historian
22 Ed Hanousek Superintendent of Rail Operations
23 Glenn Sullivan Chief Mechanical Officer
24 Willi Scheffler Canadian Roadmaster
25 Mark Schaefer Manager of Train Operations
26 Wayne Perry Assistant Roadmaster
27 Mark Taylor Manager of Operating Practices
28 Foster Peterson Manager of Operating Practices
29 Ed Ibbotson Safety Officer
30 Glendia Barry Dispatch
31 Bob Mahle CAT Operator
32 Brad Thoe CAT Operator
33 Will Ryan Water Support
34 Brian Thompson Water Support
35 Jay Burnham Water Support
36 Doreen Cooper Train Agent
37 Jed Thompson Train Agent
38 Jacqueline Taylor Train Agent
39 Joey Broemeling Train Agent
40 Julie Martin Train Agent
41 Gil Dominguez Train Agent



Rotary Snow Plow

Rotary Snow Plow
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