Jacqueline Taylor-Rose

Jacqueline Taylor-Rose

I would be honored to have your vote for the Southeast (Outside Juneau, 1 year term) Alaska Travel Industry Associate board seat.

I was honored when the ATIA Board of Directors appointed me to the Southeast Seat (Outside Juneau) in March 2022. This past year and half working with the board and helping to co-lead the Marketing Committee with Dan Rough has been a highlight of my time spent supporting the organization. The talent on the Marketing Committee has shaped how the traveler interacts with the Alaska brand and has grown in impressive ways over the past two years. The dedication to honoring the natural elements that bring guests to Alaska along with the emphasis on Cultural Enrichment has meant more robust campaigns with a focus on what makes this land truly Alaskan.

My career in Alaska’s tourism industry started early when I first came to Skagway to work seasonally during high school and college. Starting in retail and food service, before moving on to work as an onboard passenger agent during my first years at the White Pass & Yukon Route starting in 2006; I have grown up in the industry. I worked my way through the ranks of the WP&YR Passenger Operations department, taking on larger roles over the years. I was thrilled when I earned a year-round position as our Reservations Manager in 2012 and was promoted to head up the Marketing department in 2016. My time at White Pass laid the foundation for a true appreciation of the guest experience that I bring to my work and board participation on a daily basis.

During my time in my current role as Manager of Marketing & Product Development, I have overseen the implementation of the White Pass marketing plan, rebranding of wpyr.com, created an interpretive center at Lake Bennett, worked with various media outlets including Discovery Canada, formed relationships with our travel trade partners and managed a team of sales ambassadors. The variety of work that this position allows has been a phenomenal growth opportunity and experience in the Alaska tourism industry.

I hope to continue this work and finish out the three-year term on the Alaska Travel Industry Association Board of Directors. As you consider where you are placing your vote during this election, please know that I would be honored to have your support for the upcoming 2024 election term.

Thank you for considering me for the board and I hope to have your vote.