Best Things to Bring on your White Pass Excursion

You have your tickets and you are ready to go! Let’s make sure you have a great trip and ensure you have the following items with you during the journey!

Family & Friends.

A trip on the train is the perfect way to disconnect to reconnect with family and friends that are along for the ride. Cell reception drops off a few miles out of Skagway so you are set for a blissful, uninterrupted excursion to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Finally you have the chance to live in the moment with those you brought on tour with you.

Fully charged camera or phone.

Though you will not have reception during most of the ride, we encourage you to make sure that the phone battery is fully charged. Picture opportunities abound during your entire trip. We pride ourselves on having some of the cleanest rail car windows in Alaska to ensure you get the clearest photos. We also welcome guests to take in the sights from the platforms at either end of their railcars. It is the perfect way to immerse yourself in your surroundings.

A cell phone tether or strap.

You will want to hold on to that phone or camera around each bend in the tracks as the scenery reveals itself. 


All rail departures will take you from tidewater to almost 3,000 ft in elevation. Temperatures can vary from Skagway to the summit, so we recommend dressing in layers. While each train car is heated with an oil stove, you will want to throw on a jacket or sweatshirt when heading out to the platforms for better viewing.  


The days get long in Southeast Alaska, even when you are traveling during the early part of the summer season. We expect snow at the higher elevations during the month of May and around the summit of the pass. Light reflecting off the pure white snow can be blinding. Bring your shades so you do not miss a minute of scenery. 

All Aboard Magazine.

As you board the train, there will be handy booklet on your seat to help guide you through the trip. The back cover unfolds to reveal a rail map with points of interests and photo opportunities. It is a great tool to use while following along with our tour guide. You will notice each site is marked by a milepost number. Be on the lookout to the left-hand side of the train for orange mile maker signs indicating where you are relative to the map.  

A curiosity for our history.

Your guides and All Aboard Magazine are chocked full of interesting history and stories from the Klondike Gold Rush, construction of the railroad and what life is like in Alaska. Ask questions! Our job is to share all we can about the railroad during the trip. Don’t let an opportunity to talk with our guides or train crew as they walk through the cars pass you by.

Your sense of Adventure!

The railroad was built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush. You had to be brave and willing to put it all on the line to make your way north in search of your fortune. We ask all passengers to take that adventurous spirit and immerse themselves in the trip.Join us for an unforgettable trip during your visit to Alaska or the Yukon, justc1 don’t forget to follow our tips for the perfect train ride!