Chilkoot Hiker Service

Chilkoot Hiker Service

Experience both of the famous Gold Rush trails! Every year 3,000 hikers recreate this great trip by hiking the Chilkoot Trail. Once at Bennett you can reward yourself with a hot meal at the historic Bennett Eating House. Hot meals are $15 per person and should be pre-purchased at the time of booking space aboard the train. After your accomplishment over the famed Chilkoot Trail and hot meal see the splendor of the historic White Pass Trail from the comfort of our train.

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Available Dates: May 31 – September 3, 2016

RouteDeparts / ArrivesDays AvailableFare
All times listed are Alaska Time (Rail Time).
Bennett to Carcross11:35 AM AKT / 1:00 PM AKTTue/Wed/Thur/FriAdult: $63.00
Child: $31.50
Bennett to Skagway 3:10 PM AKT / 5:30 PM AKTTue/Wed/ThursAdult: $95.00
Child: $47.50
Bennett to Skagway 2:10 PM AKT / 4:45 PM AKTSaturdayAdult: $95.00
Child: $47.50
Bennett to Skagway *
(Train/Bus Combo via Carcross)
11:35 AM AKT / 3:30 PM AKTFridayAdult: $119.00
Child: $59.50
Bennett to Fraser3:10 PM AKT / 3:55 PM AKTTue/Wed/ThursAdult: $50.00
Child: $25.00
Bennett to Fraser2:10 PM AKT / 2:55 PM AKTSaturdayAdult: $50.00
Child: $25.00
Bennett to Whitehorse
(Train/Bus Combo via Carcross)
11:35 AM AKT / 5:30 PM AKTTue/Wed/Thur/FriAdult: $99.00
Child: $49.50
Bennett to Whitehorse
(Train/Bus Combo via Fraser)
2:10 PM AKT / 5:30 PM AKTSaturdayAdult: $99.00
Child: $49.50

Parks Canada and the U.S. National Park Service require that all hikers purchase permits to hike the Chilkoot Trail. Reservations are highly recommended.* Denotes trips that cross the border. PASSPORT REQUIRED.

  • This train is not equipped with a wheelchair lift.
  • $25 Fare per Dog
    While we do permit dogs on our Chilkoot Hiker Service trains, we unfortunately are not able to permit dogs on any of our connecting bus services. Exceptions are made for service animals.
  • If you require some or all of your gear to travel without you, you must arrange for someone other than White Pass to take the gear through US/Canadian Customs for you. White Pass is unable to transport unaccompanied freight across the US/Canada border.
    • This applies to gear/backpacks/canoes/kayaks that would be traveling south from Bennett to Skagway and also gear/backpacks/canoes/kayaks that would be traveling north from Skagway to Bennett.
    • However, White Pass IS able to transport unaccompanied gear between Carcross and Bennett & Fraser and Bennett, for a fee.
    • If you are sending gear into or out of Bennett, you or someone you designate must load/unload your freight onto the train. White Pass staff is not able to load/unload it for you, nor are we able to store it.

Cancellation Policy

For more information or reservations, please contact:
Parks Canada
205 -300 Main St.
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2B5
867-393-6701 Fax
Parks Canada – Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site

For Chilkoot Trail Information & Map:
Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park & Trail Center

Please be advised, the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway tracks and right-of-way are private property. Should you elect to hike out, please be aware that you are proceeding at your own risk and must stay well off the railway bed and tracks.

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Photo of Chilkoot Hiker Service Photo of Chilkoot Hiker Service Photo of Chilkoot Hiker Service